Mar 29, 2010

Jun 20, 2009

「Stand by U」PV(tOhOshinki~ver )

nOt sO clear but enuf ~

credit tO Our uplOader!!

Jun 19, 2009

Old acquintances new discOveries

yesterday went Out tO meet up wit frens i haven't seen in like a yr Or sO.
well, they didnt change much and it felt like it was just yesterday since i last met them. guess the atmOsphere didn't change even after a yr.. (thank gOd!)

i fOund Out many things.. many sudden things..

# like my fren is getting married! in september!
#like my fren is gOing back tO her hOmetOwn today and getting herself registered tOMOrrOw!!!
p.s. they bOth are nOt the same persOn..

i thought i was gOing tO faint in the middle Of the GOlden Triangle wen i heard this!

gOOd things cOme last as they say..i gOt tO see my fren's future husband wen he came later in the night..i was.. eh.. wen did he get fairer.. the last time i see him.. he was like *ahem* darker..

that aside, i gOt myself a nice pair Of earrings..
nice tOps... at times square..

p.s. i tOOk the pics with my phOne..ahhh..the pOwer Of an 8megapixel..

Jun 16, 2009

been a while ..nO?!

wOw.. nOw that i've bOther tO check my blOg, its been like 6 mOnths since i've signed in..hahahhahahahaha(can't stOp)

sO many things happened but guess i'll just put up the latest Of things..
after all Our DBSK bOys are currently in the middle Of their TSC cOncerts..
tOkyO dOme cOncert wOUld be in august(?) if im nOt wrOng..

CONGRATULATiONS!!!!! tOhOshinki!!

anOther thing tO b happy bOut is that i gOt myself a "present" and a very expensive One at that!

my "reward"


wOrk was as usual but... i wOnder it was nOt as bz like it used tO b..after all.. with the pandemic and everything*cough* H1N1 *cOugh* scare..
hehehe..nOt as bad as it thinks..(im such a bad persOn!)

Dec 15, 2008

happy birthday!!! junsu

tOday ..its almOst midnight!!!

sO befOre the day ends... happy birthday junsu!!

seen what the fans are sending him...urgh..i cOuld vOmit blOOd with amOunt Of mOney they spent..
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there are:

a dOlce & gabbana bag(its the real deal)
sOme branded bOxers(ahem)
lOts and lOts Of cds..there's like 100 Of them..and they cOme in a bOOk ..recOmmending the cds..
wOah..the fans really have much time tO spare..

anyway..lemme wish junsu Oppa a very happy b'day !!
with mirOtic rising tO such great success..i hOpe the future is as bright as bright as ur "angel smile" ^o^

Dec 10, 2008

what i gOt fOr next year..

this is the FIRST thing i gOt fOr next year...
what els....duh

its sO basic anyOne wOuld dO the same thing..hahahah
click and have a peek...
and dun bash me fOr it...